Special Events

When you think about life, it is often remembered in life-changing or pivotal events that you experience, such as an elopement or a milestone.  Whatever that event is, Time Knot Forgotten Photography, LLC can capture its moments so that it is never forgotten…from the setting and decor to the people who made it special.  

Offering packages for birthday parties to anniversaries and any event in-between.  Call Lisa today to reserve this professional, experienced, and talented photographer for your event.

Our event photography rate is $125.00 an hour which includes our photography time as well as post-production time. 



$ 195

(20) 5x5 Portraits

(2) 8x10 Portraits



$ 235

(25) 5x5 Portraits

(2) 8x10 Portraits

(1) 11x14 Slim Wrap Wall Portrait*




$ 295

(30) 5x5 Portraits

(3) 8x10 Portraits

(1) 16x20 Slim Wrap Wall Portrait*

 * A Slim Wrap Wall Portrait or a Metal print can be hung with or without a frame.
Need additional images or sizes?  Time Knot Forgotten Photography, LLC can customize your photography needs so we may provide you – your own personalized package using our al la carte prices. 

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